Safe Travels certification for Autoservizi Davide Guerrera
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Safe Travels certification for Autoservizi Davide Guerrera

Autoservizi Davide Guerrera proudly announces to have obtained the “SAFE TRAVELS” certification, a recognition issued by the World Travel & Tourism Council, an organization based in London that operates all over the world, to coordinate and verify the quality in business of travel agents and their suppliers.

In this case, the WTTC Safe Travels green sticker identifies, on a global level, the destinations and activities of the private tourism sector that have invested and updated their offers in order to ensure and guarantee to their clients, compliance with the strict security protocols against COVID 19, provided by the WHO and the Italian Ministry of Health.

The goal is to give the positive message that all the vehicles owned and all the operating staff of AUTOSERVIZI DAVIDE GUERRERA are “ready go”, to accompany you, to travel with you to your destinations, near or far, with the professionalism and punctuality that distinguish us… in a complete safety and most comfortable way!




I will be happy to contact you to find the best solution!

AUTOSERVIZI Davide Guerrera

SAFETY, DISCRETION, PUNCTUALITY, EXPERIENCE AND COMPETITIVE PRICES, these are the objectives we pursue and offer to our clientele.

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